Vlog #6: Str8 Up Killin’ It!

Here is the long awaited VLOG (barf in my mouth) that I have been promising you.  Enjoy… well, as much as you can enjoy a VLOG, which is probably not very much…. I really am setting this content up to succeed.  #SelfDepricatingHumor

If you have suggestions of what you would like to see more of, or less of, for that matter, leave them below in the comments!  Just don’t be a pecker.

Cheers 🤙 ,


Nick Murphy (previously known as Chet Faker) LIVE at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle.

Kick ass show.

|Song 1: Talk is Cheap|

|Song 2: Fear Less|

|Song 3: Believe Me|

|Song 4: Medication|

Cheers! 🤙