My name is Dane and this is my blog, a Life to Summit.  Let me fill you in a little further.  I have, honestly, had a rocking life thus far, venturing around the country and fulfilling every whim for the last 15 years.  I currently live with my girlfriend and have two labs in a small house in the east suburbs of Seattle, WA.  However, now that I am closing in on my mid-thirties, I decided I needed a change of pace from my norm.  My norm being boozy weekends and a semi-directionless lifestyle.  As fun as that has been, it is also stressful and needs to be honed.  That’s where this blog comes in: to help document and hold me responsible for my mission statement as I go through a quest of sorts over the next year.

What that mission is:  No more booze, getting in peak physical health, vastly improving my mental health, regaining my creativity, making strides professionally and monetarily, and working on key relationships with my family and loved ones.  To do so I have created a system to help me along my journey.  The idea is to rid myself of my bad habits and replace them with new habits that will help me grow in these five areas.  This is also going to be fluid, meaning, I will make necessary changes to the system and my goals as I see fit.  Lastly, when it is all said and done, I will leave on a journey to Patagonia to tackle another challenge of either a mountain summit or a long trek through the alpine. . . BECAUSE. . . You gotta have a pay off somewhere!  This will be what I train for throughout the year.  Peak physical fitness is the easiest part, just get up and run!

It’s not that I have it bad at all, in fact, I have had more fun in my 33 years on Earth than most will their entire lives.  But, there is much room for improvement and I cannot sit idle knowing that I’m not making a run for something that will make me a better me.

So, there it is.  On top of that, I LOVE skiing, backpacking, hiking, my pups, my family, my friends, the PNW, camping, etc.  I want to take those skillsets to the next level and start touring (backcountry skiing) and doing some technical climbing.  After this year is over, I will likely embark on another mission.  By then I hope to have you all not only supporting me on my journey, but joining me along the way and in the endeavors I decide to take on.