Planning for Patagonia: Stage #1

I figured, with the first six months down, it’s time to start planning for the grand finale.  The trip to the edge of the world; Patagonia.

Here are the things I need to figure out and start planning:

  • Cost of flights for two?  Where do I need to fly into?
  • Cost of transportation to trailhead?
  • Any gear I need, should it be bought here in the states and flown down, or in Argentina/Chile?
  • What is a reasonable amount to expect to spend per day while in Patagonia?
  • What hike/hikes do I want to complete and how much time is necessary to complete them?
  • Classes/Education:  Depending on what summits we decide to take on, technical training is likely going to be needed.  Define what that consists of and the costs involved.

Besides those things, I think I am ready to go right now! 😃

Also, I started a GoFundMe:

If you would care to help get me to Patagonia and be part of helping this quest come to an end, I greatly appreciate any assistance.


Cheers 🤙 ,



Author: a Life to Summit

I am a skier ⛷, hiker, backpacker, summit scrambler, and all around mountain-man 🏔 adventurer. I am a fitness minded, supplement taking, gym ratesque, yoga pose holding, salad eating, kettlebell swinger. I am an in-the-sauna, sweat all over my headphones, meditator. I am a book reading and Audible listening, philosophizing, bad habit to good habit changing, personal growth prioritizer. I am a dad to two bitches, aka Labrador Retrievers. I am an over-thinker, a writer, a hammock junkie. I am a lot of things.

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